Catering Menu

At Brunswick Bowling Club, we pride ourselves on delivering fresh quality food & excellent customer service.

  • Catering requests will be accepted based on availability & capacity of the kitchen
  • Orders must be placed a minimum of 7 days prior to the function date
  • A service charge of $40 will be attached to each function of over 25 people & $40 per 25 people thereafter
  • Catering must be paid in full upon ordering
  • No rain cancellations

Finger Food Packages

Minimum 10 people


Your choice of four selections listed in the OPTION A menu below.

$28 per person


Your choice of three selections listed in the OPTION A menu & two selections listed in the OPTION B menu below.

$35 per person


Your choice of two selections listed in the OPTION A, two selections listed in the OPTION B menu & two selections listed in the OPTION C menus below.

$43 per person

Option A


An assortment of bite sized pumpkin and mozzarella arancini (Vegetarian)


Classic bar style chips served with mayonnaise and tomato sauce

Spring Rolls

Served w/sweet chilli dipping sauce (Vegetarian)

spring rolls

Pies/Sausage Rolls

Gourmet bite sized pies & sausage rolls served with tomato sauce

Bread & Dips

Lebanese style bread served with hummus, yogurt garlic dip and capsicum dip (Vegetarian)


Bite sized falafels served with hummus (Vegetarian, Vegan)

Option B

Crustless Gourmet Italian Sandwiches

Assorted bite sized traditional Italian sandwiches (Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free options)

Tandoori Mushrooms

Oven roasted tandoori mushrooms served wwith a refreshing yogurt sauce (Vegetarian, Vegan)

tandoori mushrooms

Garlic Bread

Golden brown oven baked traditional Italian garlic bread (Vegetarian, Gluten free options available on request)

Buffalo Wings

Classic buffalo style wings served with ranch sauce

Option C


Selection of gourmet quiches: Lorraine, cheese and chorizo, and spinach and ricotta

Fried Calamari

Deep fried calamari served with a zesty tartare sauce and lemon wedges


Tuscan style meatballs served with Napoli dipping sauce

Fried Mushroom Bites

Deep fried mushrooms served with a miso infused mayonnaise

Additional Extras - Platters

  • Potato Salad $80

    Rustic potato salad (serves 8)

  • Garden Salad $80

    Classic garden salad with iceberg lettice, Spanish onion and tomato (serves 8)

  • Coleslaw $80

    Freshly made coleslaw (serves 8)

  • Anti Pasto $100

    Assorted meats served with Italian bread sticks, kalamata olives, Italian style vegetables and mozzarella (serves 8)

  • Calamari and Chips $100

    Mini serve of fried calamari with chips, tartare sauce and lemon wedges (serves 8)

  • Chips $80

    Freshly fried thick cut chips served with our special house seasoning (serves 8)

BBQ Hire & BBQ Packs

All BBQ packs are in addition to a BBQ hire fee and include cooking oil, BBQ utensils, paper plates, napkins, cutlery and a range of sauces.

  • The Classic Snag Bag $14 pp

    Premium Sausage
    Beef Pattie
    Includes sliced onions, sliced bread

  • BBQ Burger Pack $18.50 pp

    Premium Beef Pattie
    Chicken Skewer
    Beef Skewer
    Includes sliced onions, tomatoes & bread rolls

  • Big Australian BBQ $25 pp

    Aussie Grade Lamb Chops
    Premium Sausage
    Premium Beef Pattie
    Includes sliced onions, tomatoes & bread rolls

* Additional Bread Rolls at $1.50 per person
* Gluten Free Rolls additional $5 per person
* Vegetarian options can be substituted in packs – additional $4 per person

Hire a BBQ Chef

Don’t feel like cooking? Hire a BBQ Chef to cook for your guests.

  • $75 per hour
  • Minimum 2-hour hire & charged in 15 min intervals thereafter
  • Subject to availability
  • Please ensure you scrape down the BBQ after use and place your rubbish in the bins provided
  • Our club kitchen is certified and as a regulation, we cannot hold outside food in our refrigerator. We recommend using an esky or cooler bag to ensure your BBQ food stays chilled
  • Plates, platters, serving utensils, serviettes and cutlery are not provided by the club when bringing your own BBQ Food to cook so please ensure you come prepared
  • Brunswick Bowling Club does not permit outsourced catering, takeaway food, pre-prepared hot food, or cooking equipment to be brought on site unless it has been pre-approved by management